Weekly Catch up - 22nd Sept 2021

Weekly FF Catch Up!

We found out on Thursday that we have been selected as a finalist in the Producer of the Year category (sponsored by Rowen Glen) in the 2021 Dumfries & Galloway Life Awards.

The panel panel of independent judges chose their shortlists from almost 400 nominations received from Dumfries & Galloway Life readers across 20 categories, in the sectors of Community, Food & Drink, Culture & Sports and Enterprise.

We are absolutely delighted, and even better yet the whole team get to attend an awards ceremony!

Christmas Sneak Peak...


A couple of my favourite products:

  1. Salmon, our Salmon is absolutely unbeatable - our team through check each side for bones before they portion and pack it.
  2. Seafood Graze Box - Not sure if you like Seafood? Then give our Graze Boxes a try - fantastic value for money and super fresh.
  3. Halibut - All of our Halibut comes form Gigha, now i know it is expensive but it is absolutely worth every penny.



This week has been a great week here at Ferry Fish - just one of those weeks where everything falls in to place and seems to work perfectly.

Aside from the normal day to day processing, picking and packing this week i have been getting my head around our new packaging. I am determined to make all of our packaging 100% kerbside recyclable and biodegradable. This is actually much harder than it sounds, especially when we are working with wet fish which requires packing in plastic vacuum bags.

So, i have started with the easy part - this week we have got confirmed designs on our new boxes, insulated liners and ice packs which we have been working on for a very long time. Working with a fantastic company in Scotland together we have designed packaging that is ALL 100% biodegradable and kerbside recyclable (even the whole icepack and liner).

I have attached a sneak peak of the boxes here -hopefully you should start to see them in 2022. Now on to the more difficult part...