Weekly Update - 2nd Oct



Launch of Christmas 2021

This week we have launched our Christmas 2021 Range. Make it a Ferry Fish Christmas this year with some of our fantastic British products. 

We have a price freeze on our dinner packs from 2020. There is no hiding it, this has been a tough year for us all, Ferry Fish included. The price of produce, fuel, cardboard, plastic, CO2, transport/delivery fees, utility bills etc has all gone up rapidly. This year we have tried our best to give you the right balance of Luxury produce and value for money - we have gone as far as freezing the price on our most popular 2020 products. 


Yet another busy week under our belts here at Ferry Fish. However, it was my first week of working in torrential rain since i started 4 months ago. Now, i know many of you will be used to that - i however, used to work in an office so the rain, wind, the drop in outside temperature and getting soaked to the core is all a bit of a shock to my system. Marie, Tammy, Chris and I managed to get through the first cold days fuelled by coffee and hot chocolates. 

Talking of fuel, the shortages of fuel in the region have also been a bit of challenge for us. Our drivers can cover up to 300 miles in a single day - luckily we have a fantastic local garage in Creetown who really look after us. Nevertheless, they have also ran out and we have played a few games of hunt down the fuel. 

As you'll have read we launched Christmas this week - after all the hard work in the background. The team and i are excited about Christmas week this year already! 

Have a fantastic weekend and please don't forget to celebrate the launch of Christmas with our 100g Smoked Salmon offer - £2.50!

Meet Chris

Chris joined us 3 weeks ago here at Ferry Fish. He has been learning the art of filleting and he plays a key role in picking and packing your orders each day! 

Marie & Tammy

Marie on the Left & Tammy on the right! Marie and Tammy were busy sorting out some Whole Cod and Plaice for a customers order!