Weekly Update - 9th Oct

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Another week, well another rainy wet and windy week here at Ferry Fish - but we got there! This week my parents Linda and Wyllie were away on holiday again so i had my second week on my own. This time i found it much easier as i have a bit more experience under my belt, but nevertheless i certainly have a new found respect for what my parents have been doing for the last 37 years. 

Before i move on to tell you about the rest of our week i want to address an important update with you all. For the last 3 months we have been tirelessly battling to keep the cost of our fresh fish down. It has been a very tough 3 months, the cost of fuel and transport has sky rocketed, the cost of our cardboard delivery boxes is up 80%, the cost of our vacuum bags is up, the cost of a lot of our raw materials is up and then add to the mix BREXIT. Now, as many of you will already know Brexit has had a huge impact on the fishing industry, a lot of the Scottish fishing boats can no longer fish some of the deep waters as before - this has a huge impact on the likes of Hake,Cod, Haddock etc.

After much consideration we have been forced to increase the price of some of our fish, each price is only increased by the absolute minimum to cover our increases. In some instances we have been filleting, portioning and packing fish simply to break even on cost for many months in order to not impact our customers. I have no doubt our fantastic loyal customers will understand, but i wanted to provide some background for the 20/30p increases you may see on our website. 

More positively, this week Anne started with us here at Ferry Fish - a new Assistant Manager for the team. Read next weeks email for a full update! 

Have a great weekend!