Locally Sourced Premium Quality, Sustainable, Fresh and Ready to Cook Wild Venison.  SHOP BELOW.

Each piece of Venison you purchase will include a unique traceability document. This means with every piece of venison you purchase you will know where the deer was shot, who shot it and the date it was shot on. 

Don't see what you are looking for? We can prepare bespoke orders to your needs, please call us to order any of the following:

1 x Whole Roe Haunch - £35 (approx 2.5kg)
1 x Whole Roe Haunch Deboned - £40 (approx 2kg)
1 x Whole Roe Shoulder - £25 (approx 1kg)
1 x Whole Roe Saddle - £75 (approx 2.2kg)

Please be advised that although we aim at all times to provide you with Fresh Venison due to availability at times we may have to supply you with frozen Venison. However, we can assure you that the quality of the meat will be no different.

18 products

18 products